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Artwork of

Bryan Sundvall

(Surrey, B.C., Canada)


Here are some samples of my friend, Bryan's, work.  He has been drawing on and off for several years but kept giving up.  Now he has found the creativity and has left the darkness behind.  I hope you will all enjoy his work as much as I do!  

Because of the encouragement he has received from friends and people who have written in his guest book...he is working on some wonderful new projects!  Bookmark this page quickly! Watch closely - we will be offering some very special prints of Bryan's work at an incredibly low price...Soon...

Here are some examples

These are some of Bryan's first drawings.  They were drawn with pencil and we just touched them up a little bit with Paint Shop Pro.  They are NOT finished:

These are some of his colored images he created for me



Please take a moment to leave a message in Bryan's guest book. The more he is encouraged, the more he is strengthened, the more he will grow, the more he will create, the more we will share!

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In the near future I will be creating tubes and background sets and wallpapers for you to download.  All we ask is that you give Bryan proper credit and link back to this page.  Thank you!

Keep checking back for a Zodiac Series Bryan is working on.  It will be available for purchase in the near future at an unbelievable price! Ready to frame....

İCreated by White Witch

İBryan Sundvall