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Artwork of

Ciruelo Cabral

I'm sure everyone is familiar with Mr Cabral's artwork but most people never knew his name!  Luckily I have received written permission. The only real rules we have about using these images are the same as will all the artists images.  You may not alter these images, you can't claim them to be yours, they are the artists, you are not allowed to use these images on a commercial site or a hate site.  A link back to the artist is mandatory and if you would be kind enough to link back to me, GREAT! hehe! 


Click on the image for a full size view of the wallpaper.  Then click on the screen size you need. These are in zip format so you will need an unzip program like winzip. If you do not have Winzip, just visit their site to download a trial version.

800 X 600

1024 X 768

800 X 600

1024 X 768

800 X 600

1024 X 768

Incredimail Letters

You will need the Incredimail program to use these letters.  Don't worry, Incredimail is FREE!  Just visit the site, download the program - and you will be hooked! 

Just click on the image to download the zip file. Once you have installed the letter, you can delete the zip. Save space!

This letter is animated (Glitter)


Sig Tags

There are 2 sets offered.  One is for the general public and the other is meant for Pagans/Wiccans. The Pagan/Wiccan include Merry Meet & Blessed Be.

For the general tags - click on White Witch. For the Pagan/Wiccan tags - click on Merry Meet.

Please remember the rules for all the artists images.  Do not alter these please!  Thanks!


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