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Artwork of

Der Hase


This lovely lady has created some of the most incredible anime images I have ever seen on the net!  She is also one of the few artists I could find the name of!  So many anime images are out there and we just don't know who the talented artist is!  I am blessed to have received permission from Der Hase to offer her images and to help spread the word who she is and which images she creates!


Please respect the artists copyright rules! 1. Do not claim to be the owner or creator of these images. 2. Give credit where credit is due! You MUST link back to the artist's site. 3. You are NOT allowed to alter these images in any way or offer them elsewhere for download. 4. You are NOT allowed to profit from these images in an way!


So far I am working on some Incredimail letters.  You need Incredimail to use these images.  It is a free and fun program! Just click on the image to download the zip and install it in your Incredimail!  You will need an unzipping program like Winzip. It is also a free program.

For the wallpapers, just click on your screen size and download the zip. Ready to use!


800 X 600

1024 X 768


Incredimail Letter (Soon)


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ęDer Hase & White Witch