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Artwork of

Jonathon Bowser

Wow, what can I say about how Mr. Bowser portrays women?  Wow is the first thing that comes to my mind!

I was so happy to see that Mr. Bowser now offers lithographs on his incredible prices!  Well, what are you waiting for...go get a gorgeous litho! Just remember to come back here when you are done!  Here is Mr. Jonathon Bowser's site: He is also offering a gorgeous catalog at an unbelievable price!  A must have if you like just one of his images!

If you use any of the images I have created with Mr. Bowser's work, please remember the very simple copyright requests.  You MUST link back to the artist's site.  You are not to claim the images as your own.  You are only allowed to use these images on personal sites.  Not allowed on commercial sites.  Contact the artist for that permission.

When I first started making graphics, I hunted his site down to get his permission and nearly died when he said yes!  I spent hours learning how to make a globe specifically because of his work.  Just click on the image for the full size image. They are not perfect, but I think his work always looks gorgeous!

If you are on dial up (like me) it may take a while for the page to load...I hope you think it is worth it!

Examples are 50% of original



ŠJ Bowser & White Witch