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Artwork of

Krayel aka Kevin Larson


I am sure many people will recognize Krayel's pictures but most of us never knew who the artist was!  Sadly his images are all over the net and there is rarely ever credit given to the proper artist!  By luck, someone sent his image and his name was on it so I finally discovered who he was! Krayel has graciously given me permission to use his artwork to show who he is and what he truly does!  This is a magnificent artist and I feel people will learn who he is by promoting his copyrighted images! Please enjoy...I sure do!

There are a couple of rules for using Mr Larson's work.  Very simple and fair...1. DO NOT claim to have created the image. 2. Do not distribute these pictures to anyone.  Mr Krayel owns the image and I own what I create with them with Mr Krayel's permission. 3. Do not alter the images in any way. 4. You may NOT make any profit from these images or sell them.

To begin with, I have created Incredimail letters and wallpaper with his artwork. 

To use this letter, you must have Incredimal.  It is free and fun!  Just click on the image to download the zip and install it into your Incredimail. You will need an unzipping program to unzip the file.  Just visit to download a free copy!  I hope to add more soon!  Check back often!


For the wallpaper, just click on the screen size you need and unzip it!  Very easy and fun!

800 X 600

1024 X 768


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