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Artist Stirling Tallio

On February 18th, 2003, I was in Vancouver the day before I was to have back surgery.  We were coming back from Surrey, B.C. and arrived at the Broadway Skytrain Station.  There was a wonderful man displaying native artwork and I was honored to purchase some of his cards! I will be contacting Mr Tallio to receive official permission to promote his work. 

DO NOT remove or copy these images PLEASE! These are only to show you what will hopefully be available to purchase at an unbelievably reasonable price in the near future. I will also be offering some images for you to use as linkware as soon as I receive permission. But remember the rule: Do not claim to be the copyright owner.  They belong to the artist! Thanks!

Here is an example of what he can create:


Be sure to check back soon for an update on where you may purchase his work!  I purchased 5 blank cards with these wonderful images all hand signed by the artist.

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