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Artwork of

Tom Cross


What a true honor it is to receive permission from Mr. Cross!  He has the most unique fairies and wizards that I have ever seen! I haven't seen another artist compare yet with these beautiful works of art!

Be sure to visit his web site where you are able to buy these prints for a variety of budgets.  Lots of limited editions available.  You will not believe the selection he has to offer for such an incredible price range! Check it out: Tom Cross Website.

Here are some of the goodies I have created with his work.  Just click on the thumbnail to see the larger image. Be aware they may be graphically intense because I did not want to lose the quality of his work. Always remember the copyright rules.  If we do not follow these rules, the artists will not allow us to use their images.  Amy Brown has already retracted all previous permission because of this problem.  So let's show the artists some respect please!

All previews are 50% of original size.

©Tom Cross & White Witch



©Tom Cross and ©White Witch