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I have been truly honored to receive permission from these artists to use their artwork. I hope you will show your appreciation by following their copyright rules and visit their sites! If we all follow their rules, they will be more than willing to share their work for us to enjoy and admire!

I have had some artists ask me why I want to use their work, spend so much time making graphics with them, and offering them on my site for no profit and no fringe benefits.  Well, here is why. I sit here and I get to relieve my stress by creating, learning, playing, and then admiring what I have created.  It is the best stress reliever, it is a great way to spend time, it is a great way to boost my confidence, it is a great way to learn new techniques with my Paint Shop Pro.  Sure, I don't get any financial satisfaction, but I do get emotional and mental satisfaction. So we both benefit...the artist gets publicity and hopefully business!

Please note: I am promoting 2 up and coming artists from British Columbia and it is an honor to know these 2 wonderful people. I will be updating their pages often as I would like everyone to be able to enjoy their work and watch their artistic talent grow. Please show your support by emailing me and letting me know how you feel about their work! Encouragement brings creativity and faith!

Artists Pages

Canadian Artists

Sean Smoley

Bryan Sundvall  

Stirling Tallio  

Assorted Artwork

Tom Cross

Jim Warren

Ericka Baque

Jonathon Bowser

Sita Atis

Ciruelo Cabral (May 2003)

Krayel (Kevin Larson) (May 2003)

Der Hase (May 2003)

Artists Permission:

If you need evidence that I have received permission, please follow this link.  Yes, I follow all copyright laws when at all possible!  If I do not know the artists name I will put a disclaimer on the page.

Artists Permission


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